BAAP 2004 Colloquium

  • Patricia Ashby, University of Westminster
    Primary cardinal vowels: the effects of contextualization and length of training on identification success rates.
  • Jana Dankovicova, Jill House, Anna Crooks & Katie Jones, UCL, North Surrey NHS PCT
    Relationship between musical skills, music training and intonation analysis skills
  • Bronwen Evans & Paul Iverson, University College London
    Vowel normalization for accent: an investigation of perceptual plasticity in young adults.
  • Sara Howard, University of Sheffield
    Between-word junctures in children with impaired speech production
  • Ghada Khattab, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
    Accent features in English-Arabic bilingual children and adults
  • Ellen Douglas-Cowie & Roddy Cowie, Queen’s University Belfast
    The description of naturally occurring emotional speech
  • John Local & Gareth Walker, University of York
    Prosody, focus and repair in talk-in-interaction
  • Bill Wells, University of Sheffield
    Prosody, focus and repair: a developmental perspective
  • Anne Wichmann, University of Central Lancashire
    “Sorry” in casual conversation: Functions and segmental / prosodic realisation
  • Melissa Wright, University of York
    The Phonetic Properties of ‘Multi-Unit First Closing Turns’ in British-English Telephone Call Closing Sequences
  • Gerry Docherty, Paul Foulkes & Ghada Khattab, U. Newcastle, York, Newcastle
    Social-indexical variability and speech perception: an experimental study
  • Frank Gooding, University of Wales, Bangor
    The perceptual prominence of the upper formant region of front vowels
  • Barry Heselwood, University of Leeds
    Instrumental evidence for the auditory quality of the Arabic ‘ayn
  • Ninik Poedjianto, University of Glasgow
    The perception of Indonesian English stops: a bidirectional investigation
  • John Dawson, University College London
    Word-final obstruents and vowel durations in the interlanguage English of native speakers of Modern Greek
  • Miho Kamata, University of Leeds
    English and Japanese voiceless alveolar/dental stops and their affricated realisations
  • Kirsty McDougall, University of Cambridge
    Individual variation in vowel-to-vowel coarticulation in British English
  • Peggy Mok, University of Cambridge
    Vowel-to-vowel coarticulation in Cantonese and Mandarin
  • Richard Mullooly, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
    An EMA analysis of [r]-insertion in English
  • Elinor Payne, University of Cambridge
    Connected speech processes in Italian: a study in phonetic motifs
  • Eva Liina Asu, University of Cambridge
    A comparison of intonational peak alignment in two Estonian dialects
  • Olga Gordeeva & James Scobbie, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
    Non-normative preaspiration of voiceless fricatives in Scottish English: a comparison with Swedish preaspiration.
  • Jan Hognestad, Agder University College
    Tone on the South-Western coast: some observations from a research project on Norwegian tonal accent
  • Richard Ogden, Auli Hakulinen & Liisa Tainio, U. York, U. Helsinki, U. Helsinki
    Indexing ‘no news’ with stylization in Finnish
  • My Segerup, University of Lund
    Word accents in Gothenburg Swedish
  • Nina Grønnum, University of Copenhagen
    Why is Danish so hard to understand?