The BAAP Colloquium

The Colloquium is held every two years, and is open to members and invited participants. Those who are not members and are interested in attending should contact a member known to them or the President. Postgraduate students in phonetics and speech science are particularly encouraged to attend the Colloquium.

Next Colloquium: University of York, 1-3 April 2020

Past Colloquia:

2018: University of Kent

2016: Lancaster University

2014: University of Oxford

2012: University of Leeds

2010: London Universities (City, Westminster, & UCL)

2008: University of Sheffield

2006: Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh

2004: University of Cambridge

2002: University of Newcastle

2000: University of Glasgow

1998: The Queen’s University of Belfast

1996: University of York

1994: University of Manchester

1992: University of Cambridge

1990: University of Lancaster

1988: Trinity College Dublin

1986: University of Oxford

1984: University of Edinburgh

1982: University of York

1980: University of Newcastle

1978: University of Reading

1976: University of Cambridge

1974: University of Edinburgh

1973: University College of North Wales, Bangor

1971: University of London

1969: University of Manchester

1967: University of Reading

1966: University College, Cardiff

1965: University of Edinburgh

1964: University of Cambridge

1963: University of Leeds

1961: SOAS, University of London

1960: University of Leeds

1959: University of Cambridge

1958: University College, London

Colloquia were held fairly regularly from the early 1950s. Any member who can extend the list back to origins of BAAP is encouraged to contact Jane Stuart Smith.